We are an independent and Africa-based think-tank - committed to research and analysis, insights and thought-leadership, on the Continent’s politics, economy, diplomacy, democracy and security.

We conduct independent and rigorous analysis of critical Africa risks and opportunities; offering new ideas and insights on how to address and resolve these challenges.


Forum brings together influential and informed panellists to motivate fresh thinking, new ideas and solutions to enrich understanding, and action, on the complex issues confronting Africa.


Polls and surveys - collecting, analysing and tracking public opinion on issues in the public interest.

Strategic Partners

IGD is an independent South African-based foreign policy think-tank dedicated to the analysis of, and dialogue on the evolving international political and economic environment and the role of Africa and South Africa. It advances a balanced, relevant and policy-oriented analysis, debate and documentation of South Africa’s role in international relations and diplomacy. IGD is associated with the University of South Africa (UNISA). (www.igd.org.za)

The APRM is an instrument voluntarily acceded to by African Union member states meant to function as an African self-monitoring mechanism across four (4) primary thematic areas: Democracy & Good Political Governance; Economic Governance & Management; Socio-Economic Development; and Corporate Governance. APRM’s primary purpose is to foster the adoption of appropriate laws, policies, standards and practices that lead to political stability, high economic growth, sustainable development, and accelerated sub-regional and continental economic integration. (www.aprm-au.org)

Projects for young leaders: engaging, influencing and shaping political, economic, social discourse and decisions to help Africa navigate and resolve the complex risks facing policy and decision-makers on the Continent that impact their future.

Africa Future Dialogue


 Initiatives focused on building social media networks of advocates and activists on issues that have a bearing on the lives of communities and society at large.

Bringing men and boys into a network of advocates and activists for women's rights.

In partnership with UN Women and HeForShe.

Raising awareness and promoting and protecting the rights of people with albinism.

In association with Albinism Society of South Africa


Do Right





tebz @tololodj I find these results a bit dodgy though. But that's only me and my skepticism. @pewresearch t.co/Ji0qrZb0E4 Retweeted by Africa Insights Reply Retweet Favourite 12h
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Pew Research Center @pewresearch Only 5% of stories held a positive assessment of Trump during his 1st 60 days; 42% for Obama during the same period… t.co/XmWBCVQWbK Retweeted by Africa Insights Reply Retweet Favourite 13h
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Tendai Joe @Tendaijoe Remember the 6-year-old genius kid? @EtihadAirways made him a pilot for a day. This is beyond awesome. t.co/A8XPPMVuFQ Retweeted by Africa Insights Reply Retweet Favourite 12h
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Heritage Foundation @Heritage Democracy Will Continue to Survive the World's Political Turmoil t.co/0s9gmwdZ0U t.co/bW8oEmz2kI Retweeted by Africa Insights Reply Retweet Favourite 12h