Independent and Africa-based - committed to research and analysis, insights and thought-leadership, on the Continent’s politics, economy, diplomacy, governance and security.  

Political Risk Analysis - monitor and evaluate political developments to identify and understand risk, and provide impartial analysis and advice.
Lobbying - facilitate confidential engagement and develop strategy to shape public debates, change opinions and influence policy outcomes.


The Africa Insights Think-Tank” recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) anchored in two major areas: Transformative Leadership in Africa and Improving Corporate Governance of State Owned Entities. This agreement represents our think-tank’s strategy to build strategic partnerships to address the issues of governance and leadership in Africa. We expect to make further announcements of similar partnerships in the coming weeks.
The parties met on 11 May 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa to discuss preparations for the upcoming “Africa Governance Dialogue” scheduled for later this year in collaboration with the African Union’s Africa Governance Architecture and APRM strategic partners.

The APRM is an instrument voluntarily acceded to by African Union member states meant to function as an African self-monitoring mechanism across four (4) primary thematic areas: Democracy & Good Political Governance; Economic Governance & Management; Socio-economic Development; and Corporate Governance. APRM’s primary purpose is to foster the adoption of appropriate laws, policies, standards and practices that lead to political stability, high economic growth, sustainable development, and accelerated sub-regional and continental economic integration. (www.aprm-au.org) 

A forum that brings together influential and informed panellists to motivate fresh thinking, new ideas and solutions, in frank and open discussion with policymakers, senior government and business leaders, think-tanks and civil society on how to strengthen leadership on governance.

Polls and surveys - collecting, analysing and tracking public opinion on issues in the public interest


Our special projects share a common aim to encourage dialogue and engagement among young Africans on issues impacting their lives.

Projects focused on building networks of advocates and activists on social issues that have a bearing on their lives, communities and society at large.

Projects for young leaders: engaging, influencing and shaping political, economic, social discourse and decisions to help Africa navigate and resolve the complex risks facing policy and decision-makers on the Continent that impact their future.





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